Community First Credit Union Home Loans

Community First Credit Union was formed in 1959 and ranks among New South Wales’ top credit unions. Responsible for over 75,000 of Australia’s credit union customers, Community First manages over $700 million in assets.

Community First offers a range of financial products including personal loans, saving accounts, home loans and insurance products. Community First is owned and run by a community of shareholders which enables it to offer lower interest rates and fees than some of its corporate competitors.

Over the years Community First has won several awards from the finance industry’s leading authorities including Money Magazine’s Best of the Best, Your Mortgage Magazine and Financial Review Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards.

Community First Credit Union Accelerator Package Loan

The Community First Accelerator Home Loan is a package that may be suited to those with low deposits or those looking for flexibility from their home loan product. Customers can benefit from fee waivers, 100 per cent offset, redraw facilities and the option to pay off as much of their mortgage as they like with unlimited additional payments. For a term between five and 30 years customers can borrow up to 95 per cent of a property’s value with the option of splitting the interest rate between fixed and variable. Whatever option they choose customers will benefit from a discount on the standard interest rate for the life of their Accelerator loan, which will increase with the more they borrow.

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Community First Credit Union Fixed Rate Loan

Community First Credit Union True Loan

The True Value Home Loan is a standard variable rate loan which comes with 100 per cent offset, unlimited repayment opportunities and redraw facilities. Offering mortgages at 95 per cent of the property’s value for a period of five to 30 years, the True Value Home Loan is well-suited to those with low deposits and first home buyers. True Value Home Loan customers can choose from a weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment schedule and choose to split their interest rate between fixed and variable. While there are no ongoing fees associated with this Community First home loan, a number of charges are applicable upon opening and closing the account.

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Community First Credit Union Honeymoon Home Loan

The Community First Honeymoon Home Loan offers a low fixed rate for the first year and is designed to take away some of the financial stress that comes with purchasing a new home. Suitable for borrowers with low deposits, in addition to low interest rates customers can enjoy 100 per cent offset, free redraw and up to $25,000 in extra repayments. Repayments are flexible and can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the preference of the customer. The Community First Honeymoon Home Loan offers up to 95 per cent of the property’s value for a period of five to 30 years. This mortgage is available to owner-occupiers and investors.

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Home Loans from Community First Credit Union

  • Suitable for low deposits.
  • Opportunity to bundle financial products together.
  • Offers discounts on the interest rate.
  • Split loan options are included.
  • Some products include fees.
  • Early exit fees apply to some products.
Customer Service

Community First home loan customers can get in touch with the credit union in several ways. Those who would like to speak directly to a member of staff can call the customer services centre by phone or visit one of the many branches located along the New South Wales coast. Customers can also make an enquiry thorough the website or via email. Basic account functions can be carried out through the mobile banking app or internet banking services. 

  • Customer service centre (phone)
  • Mobile app
  • Online banking
  • Email
  • Branch
Applying and Eligibility

Should Community First customers require assistance with their home loan application they can call the customer service centre or enquire online. Alternatively, if customers are based along the New South Wales coast they can visit a branch for face-to-face advice. To ensure a loan is affordable customers should calculate how much they can afford to borrow comparing a range of terms and interest rates. Applicants will be required to provide standard documentation that may include: 

  • Personal identification material.
  • Proof of income – whether you are self-employed or work for an employer.
  • Proof of other income, including rental.
  • Information regarding your current debts, liabilities and assets.
  • Personal insurance documents.
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