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Score a bonus offer with your car insurer

Score a bonus offer with your car insurer

There are a lot of companies that offer a discount for purchasing car insurance online. However there are other companies that have started offering more. RateCity shows you some of the perks currently available.

August 6, 2010

Times are a-changing, so much so that even purchasing car insurance is no longer a dull experience. Gone are the days of buying your car insurance and then not thinking about it till you have an accident or you need to renew it. As new players from a range of sectors other than just insurance companies join the car insurance market, some are offering perks to entice customers to take up their product and service. Not only does this differentiate them from competitors but it also means that you as a customer get more for your buck! Here are some examples.

Coles Car Insurance
At the end of July the retail giant Coles expanded their business to offer car insurance nationwide. As part of their offering, customers who purchase Coles Car Insurance can triple their 4 cents per litre fuel voucher once a month for a year. In addition, if customers who take out comprehensive car insurance are involved in a car accident, their groceries in the car will be insured. You can also earn Flybuys points when you purchase a policy.

Virgin Money
Another new player in the market is Virgin Money. They are offering new customers who buy comprehensive cover online a free extra month of insurance cover, so they get 13 months for the price of 12. They are also offering their current Virgin mobile phone users a bonus $50 worth of mobile phone credit when they sign up for Virgin Car insurance.

These guys have taken a different approach by offering their customers discount shopping. Their ‘always on sale’ section on their website offers customers up to 70 percent off select items each month. For example currently they are advertising a Wi-Fi Internet radio unit with an RRP of $199 for $171.

Budget Direct
Budget Direct is not shy with promoting a competitive edge and have included as part of their policy that you pay less with them or they will send you $50.

Real Insurance
These guys are offering money back to customers that take out comprehensive car insurance with them for three years in a row, at which point they will give you back 10 percent of all premiums you paid during that time if you don’t make a claim. They also will repeat this every three years.

As other car insurance companies join the market and more offers are being promoted, what does this mean for the future of car insurance? Will we start to see more perks become available to new customers? Let’s hope so! And in the mean time if you are in the market for comprehensive car insurance, compare car insurance quotes online to find a lower premium and perks to save you more.

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