Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan


The Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan gives borrowers’ flexibility over their finances at a relatively low rate.

The Easy Refinance Loan offers borrowers the choice between the flexibility of a variable rate or the predictability of a fixed rate.

Borrowers are able to make additional repayments at any time free of charge.

A redraw facility is attached to the loan, which ensures borrowers have access to funds they have put towards repayments.

The loan also offers a 100 per cent offset account, which helps to reduce the size of repayments borrowers must make. Money deposited into the offset account reduces the amount of interest that borrowers pay. 

Who is the Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan good for?

The Easy Refinance Loan may appeal to borrowers who are hoping to refinance quickly with a home loan offering a low interest rate and no ongoing fees.

Borrowers hoping to save money on interest may like the a 100 per cent offset account, especially when combined with the low interest rate.

This loan is not available to investors and first home buyers. 

Review - What RateCity says

The Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan offers refinancers a lot of options, which could help them accelerate the process of paying off their loan.

The low variable and fixed interest rate options, redraw facility and 100 per cent offset account are among the features likely to be most popular with borrowers. However, it’s very high upfront fees are likely to be unpopular and should be costed against the benefits of the low interest rate.

The loan is not appropriate for first home buyers or investors, so this must be kept in mind by borrowers assessing its credentials.

Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan Options

The Homestar Finance Easy Refinance Loan offers a range of options, including fixed and variable interest rates for refinancers.

  • 100 per cent offset account.
  • No ongoing fees.
  • Low rate of interest.
  • No options for building or renovation.
  • High upfront fees.
  • Not portable.

Australian resident.

At least 18 years of age.

Minimum deposit.

Proof of income.

About Homestar Finance

Homestar Finance was founded in 2004 as an alternative to larger banks.

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