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How can the NBN benefit your business?

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How can the NBN benefit your business?

NBN, short for National Broadband Network, is an Australian-wide infrastructure providing faster, more reliable internet to homes and businesses, compared to its predecessor ADSL.

As of January 2022, 12.1 million Australian homes and businesses are now able to connect to the NBN; and 8.4 million of these are already hooked up with an NBN plan that suits them.

Benefits of NBN for business

A speedier internet connection can make life easier for businesses, as it can make completing day-to-day tasks simpler and more efficient. Elevating operations both internally and externally can ultimately create a better experience for both employees and customers, and up the quality of your business as a whole.

Read on to discover the key benefits of the technology and how NBN could benefit your business.

Boost productivity

Having faster internet at your fingertips can allow you and your team to get more jobs done in a shorter amount of time - ramping up overall business productivity.

It can also reduce lag time, which can lend itself to less frustrated workers, as they won’t have to deal with slow applications that prevent them from ticking off their to-do list in a timely manner.

To put NBN’s power into perspective, the most popular speed tier, NBN 50, is two times faster than ADSL2+, which only offers speeds of up to 24 megabytes per second - so your team’s ability to perform online tasks quickly is automatically supercharged.

Increase collaboration

Higher broadband speed helps team members to more easily connect and collaborate.

Whether this looks like working within documents and screen-sharing programs in real time, or conducting virtual meetings, NBN’s higher speeds means there should be fewer delays and connection issues to keep things running smoothly, no matter where your team’s working from.

Improve customer service

When it comes to customer service, quicker often does mean better.

Having a fast internet connection means you can receive and respond to customer enquiries, whether from your website, email or social media, almost instantly. Plus, if you conduct virtual meetings with clients, suppliers or investors, you can also expect less buffering and technical issues.

These improvements will make it easier to keep your customers and stakeholders satisfied, and give your team the ability and confidence to wow them with efficient, comprehensive service and communication.

Work from anywhere, with anyone

The pandemic has accelerated the need for flexible working arrangements in businesses that rely heavily on the internet to get the job done. With increased reliability, the NBN can enable employees to work from home or the office with the same high-speed internet connection and meet the demands of the modern workforce.

Offering your employees the freedom to work from where they want may both cut costs and increase job satisfaction, promoting a better work-life balance for your team.

In addition, if you’ve got a business with multiple offices, hooking up each one with NBN may eliminate expensive travel costs. The money you save on petrol or public transport can be invested into other areas of the business, putting more money in your business’ back pocket, which is always a winner.

Connecting to cloud services

Another one of the ways that NBN can benefit your business is being able to store and access data in an external server known as the cloud.

Traditionally, it’s been costly for businesses to buy, operate and maintain IT hardware, so moving these services to the cloud, and accessing them securely via high-speed broadband, may help keep costs down. The ability to keep data in the cloud not only removes tedious processes but also reduces business risk by allowing the automatic back up data from any systems that may remain onsite.

Relying less and less on hardware can help simplify and streamline operations, which is a big win for businesses of any size.

Enhance your online presence

Having an online presence for your business is essential these days – especially if you're a small or remote start-up trying to stand out in a sea of established brands.

If your internet connection is not up to scratch, it can be hard to bring a website or e-commerce site to life. Signing up for a faster, more reliable internet solution is your best bet for elevating this area of your business, to ensure your brand is out and it’s easy for customers to buy from you.

Opens the door to new opportunities

Installing an NBN broadband connection can remove technical barriers for your business. Fast internet gives you the opportunity to expand your offering nationally and internationally, as you have a trusty internet connection that allows you to comfortably do business with people located across borders and seas.

Promotes an integrated approach

With NBN, you can link your internet and phone service, which means you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors to pay bills and deal with potential issues.

Having a complete solution for your web and phone solutions can keep things simple while giving you room to scale up as your business grows.


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