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October’s top green personal loans allow Aussies to switch to solar sooner

October’s top green personal loans allow Aussies to switch to solar sooner

According to new research, 82 per cent of Aussies agree that renewable energy is the key to a greener future.

The research, which was released by Australian energy company Discover Energy, also revealed that 67 per cent are planning to switch to solar energy in the future.

Additionally, the research showed that the average household is saving over $200 per month on energy by switching to rooftop solar and battery storage, and joining what is known as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) network – storing and selling excess aggregated energy back to the grid.

Discover Energy’s co-founder and CEO, Anson Zhang, said: “Our vision is for a greener, more sustainable Australia and with the abundance of sunshine we receive, solar is a no-brainer”.

“Aussies are seeing the benefits of greener energy, and 94 per cent of our VPP customers are turning bills into credits at an average of $85.65 per month,” he said.

“They’re literally making money in their sleep.”

If you’ve been thinking of installing rooftop solar and you’re weighing up your financing options, it might be worth considering a green personal loan.

Lenders offer green personal loans to borrowers who specifically want to purchase and/or install eligible energy-efficient products for their home, including rooftop solar and battery storage.

This particular type of personal loan often has more competitive interest rates than standard personal loans, as lenders incentivise borrowers to make sustainable choices.

And while you might be considering your options for green energy, there are always other options for saving on energy. Visit our energy hub to learn more.

RateCity has put together some of the top-rated personal loans for October 2021 to help get you started on your personal loan comparison.

(Rankings are correct at the time of publishing. Please note lenders may trade places on the list as interest rates and fees change and RateCity’s tracker reflects these movements.)

Top-rated green personal loans

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