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Compare home loan rates, fees, repayments and more.


Home loans with loyalty discounts

You will be familiar with loyalty cards issued by stores, especially supermarkets that are intended to retain your custom by providing incentives to shop with them. The same is true of banks that now use various incentives so that if you borrow from them you are rewarded in some way. The object is to prevent you moving to another lender, which you are now entitled to do without paying exit fees; those fees were outlawed by the Australian government in 2011.

What are home loans with loyalty discounts? 

Every bank that offers home loans, no matter what type they are, wants to keep your custom, so many are now offering home loans with loyalty discounts. The plan is to get you to keep your current loan instead of seeking an alternative provider that may have more attractive offers in terms of fixed or variable interest rates. So as a loyal customer your bank might reward you by organising a significant discount on your loan, though you are likely to have to commit to that loan for an agreed amount of time to benefit. Your bank might offer you a lower interest rate after a time, some three years or so, and that would give you an incentive to stick with it. A lower interest rate means you save money in the long term whether or not your mortgage is fixed or variable, but it's your bank that will decide what you may be offered.

How do home loans with loyalty discounts compare to other products?

Lenders are not only always trying to get your custom but also to keep it. There are many differing offers in terms of interest charges, fees and variable rates that are designed to attract your business. Home loans with loyalty discounts can be an attractive option if you discover that a reduced interest rate or a discount on your home loan makes financial sense for you. It is wise search the market to see what competing lenders are offering in terms of loyalty discounts and check initial interest rates to see how competitive they are. A slightly high rate at first, even though it may drop, may not always be the cheapest option in the long term.

What are the main features of home loans with loyalty discounts?

There is potential for reducing interest costs with a loan such as this, as well as benefiting from lower fees, although it's always wise to make a range of comparisons both for the short and long term so that you are comfortable it is the best product for your financial circumstances.

Are there risks to consider? 

Whenever you look at your options there are various things you should check, and home loans with loyalty discounts have pros and potential cons. You could benefit from lower interest rates and discounts after a period of time, but you should examine whether or not you are getting the best rate and whether the loyalty rate has an expiry date. It is also very important to keep up to date with your mortgage payments to avoid any penalties.

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