Founded in 1953, Subaru has operated as the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate, Subaru Corporation, for over 65 years. As of early 2016 it still made almost 75 per cent of cars that sold internationally in Japan.

In 1973 Subaru Australia began importing the Japanese-made automobiles and currently has over 115 vehicle sales dealers across the country. Subaru Australia made exclusively all-wheel-drive makes from 1998, but now include a rear-wheel drive make.

About Subaru cars

Subaru offers a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, hatchbacks, sedans and performance models. In Western markets, Subaru is a popular brand amongst buyers who are drawn to its signature drive train engine, all-wheel capabilities and affordable sports car range. Subaru buyers tend to be loyal followers of the iconic Japanese manufacturer.

Popular models include:

  • Impreza ($25,290), a sedan or hatchback ideal for city living
  • XV ($32,628) a compact SUV built for city streets or the outdoors
  • Forester ($38,152), a small SUV made with the family in mind
  • Liberty ($34,806), a medium-sized sedan with an extensive suite of driver-aid tech
  • Levorg ($40,830), a sports performance vehicle with a luxurious cabin
  • Outback ($40,986), an SUV built for everyday adventures with high-tech safety features
  • WRX ($44,021), a turbocharged performance vehicle with all-wheel drive

Subaru review

Subaru Outback

There’s a reason Subaru has such loyal followers. The Japanese manufacturer has a good reputation for its reliability and performance as well as its all-wheel-drive vehicles. It is the ninth most popular manufacturer in Australia, with the number of Subaru vehicles registered growing 4.8 per cent to 658,134 from 2017 to 2018.

Subaru offer a competitive selection of affordable to mid-range priced cars that would suit most budgets for new or used cars. Aussie buyers can choose from a range of city-friendly models, such as the Impreza, through to its all-wheel Outback made for weekend living.

Subaru does not offer a four- or two-door utility, but it has been a popular choice for affordable SUVs in Australia for many years. Tech-loving Aussies will be pleased to know Subaru provides award-winning safety technology, such as vision assist and its driver monitoring system.

How can I get a Subaru car loan?


If you’re looking for car loan financing for a new or used Subaru, there are a few options. Firstly, however, you should keep in mind that the best Subaru car loan option for someone else may not be what’s best for you. Assess your financial situation and budget before taking out any car loan to ensure you can make any loan repayments and manage potential fees.

Your local Subaru dealer will have an in-house finance offering to help you organise a car loan. However, keep an eye out for higher than average interest rates and fees that typically come with this option.

Otherwise you can consider:

  • Financial comparison websites – filter through low rate car loan options, as well as explore features or fees
  • Car finance broker – brokers can take the work out of finding secured or unsecured new or used car loans
  • Direct-to-lender – applying directly with one car loan lender, such as a bank or credit union

How much does a Subaru car loan cost?

Here are the approximate running costs for three different Subaru models, based on RACQ category averages:

Model Category Cents/km Average $ per week
Impreza Small 55.2c $159.21
Forester SUV Small 59.9c $172.85
Outback SUV Medium 71.9c $207.31

Here’s how much a five-year loan will cost for three different Subaru models if you borrow 100 per cent of the purchase price over five years:

Model Price/loan Total repayments at 6% Total repayments at 8% Total repayments at 10%
Impreza $25,290 $29,336 $30,767 $32,240
Forester $38,152 $44,255 $46,415 $48,637
Outback $40,986 $47,542 $49,863 $52,250