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Compare Malaysian Airlines credit cards

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  • Whether you’re an avid traveller or a super shopper, it’s great to be rewarded for your credit card spending. Credit cards with Malaysian Airline points offer Enrich Miles when you make purchases on your card.

    What are credit card rewards?

    Credit card rewards are incentives a credit card holder receives as they spend money with their card. These rewards might come in the form of cash, airline points, merchandise or other offers. You’ll typically receive more rewards when you spend more money on your credit card.

    What are the pros and cons of credit card rewards?

    Like most benefits, rewards can also have their drawbacks. The biggest pro of credit card rewards are the rewards themselves. Credit card rewards ensure you get something in return for spending your money. This is especially beneficial for people who tend to spend a lot of money with their credit card, as they’ll receive extra benefits.

    On the other hand, credit card rewards also have a downside. Because you receive something of value, whether it’s airline points or cash, these credit cards tend to have higher annual fees. While it’s possible to find credit cards with no annual fee, rewards credit cards may charge you up to a few hundred dollars a year.

    When searching for a credit card with rewards, you’ll want to pay attention to any conditions within the rewards program. You might also find that rewards are capped at a certain amount or that they are difficult to redeem.

    What are Malaysian Airlines points?

    Malaysian Airlines offers an incentive program called Enrich. Members of Enrich are able to collect Malaysian Airlines points (or ‘Enrich Miles’), which can be used to book discounted flights on Malaysian Airlines and their One World Alliance airline partners. Members can also use their Enrich points for free excess baggage or access into airport lounges.

    How do you earn Malaysian Airlines points?

    Malaysian Airlines points can be earned in a number of ways. One of these ways is to spend money using a credit card with Malaysian Airlines points. There are several cards that can earn you Malaysian Airlines miles, such as an American Express credit card. The American Express card will reward you with Membership Rewards Points, which can be converted into Malaysian Airlines points.

    Other ways to earn airline miles include booking flights with Malaysian Airlines and its airline partners, renting a car through certain rental companies, staying with partner hotels and using in-flight shopping. Together, these methods will earn you more Malaysian Airlines points faster.

    How do you spend Malaysian Airlines points?

    After you earn Malaysian Airlines points, you can spend them to aid in your travel journey. One of the most common ways to spend airline points is to use them when booking flights. Enough Malaysian Airlines points will mean an airfare at a discounted price.

    While you can use your Enrich miles to book flights with Malaysian Airlines, you can also choose to book through any of their airline partners. Airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia create partnerships with Malaysian Airlines in order to give customers more choice.

    Do Enrich Miles expire?

    As with most travel miles, Enrich Miles don’t last indefinitely. Points must be used within a certain amount of time or they’ll be withdrawn from your account. Because of these time limits, people who don’t travel often might want to consider signing up for a credit card that offers different forms of rewards.

    Can Enrich Miles be transferred?

    Malaysian Airlines allows points to be transferred to your loved ones, but there are conditions. Some of these conditions relate to your Enrich status. Enrich members with a higher status, such as Enrich Gold and Enrich Platinum, will have more flexibility than members with lower rank. Enrich members can move up in status as they earn and fly more.

    What are some routes Malaysian Airlines flies?

    Malaysian Airlines is headquartered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, but their flight routes can take you across Asia, the South Pacific and into the United Kingdom. South Pacific destinations include Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

    You might consider a credit card with Malaysian Airlines points if you frequently travel to countries like Thailand, China, Japan and India. Malaysian Airlines offers several flights across dozens of cities in Asia. Travellers to Asia will be able to catch flights to large hubs like Hong Kong and smaller airports like Sibu.

    What other airlines have credit card rewards?

    Many airlines choose to offer credit cards so that their customers can earn discounts on flights. You’ll find that most large international airlines like Qantas and Qatar Airways have credit cards with points rewards.

    If you’re not sure where to start, consider checking with an Australian carrier, as they’ll offer flights from an airport near you.

    What other products/services can you get with credit card rewards?

    Credit card rewards aren’t limited to airline points. While frequent travellers might prefer airline benefits, those who don’t travel often may seek other rewards. One of the most popular choices when it comes to credit card benefits is receiving cash back. Cashback benefits will return a percentage of your spending to you. Many credit card holders find this to be a great choice because it doesn’t limit how you can spend the money you’ve been paid back. It may even help you pay off your credit card bill.

    Another common form of reward is earning points with your credit card provider. You’ll typically earn a certain number of points per dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed to purchase goods or services. Shopping rewards may turn these points into discounts or vouchers that can be used to make purchases.

    How should you choose which credit card rewards are right for you?

    Credit card rewards come in a variety of forms, so it can be a challenge to choose the right reward program for you. You might consider looking at your current spending and travel habits. If you are a frequent traveller for business or leisure, it might be worth having a credit card with airline benefits so that your travelling can be cheaper and more comfortable. However, if you don’t travel often but enjoy shopping, a card with shopping benefits might be a better fit for you.

    If you’re likely to forget to use points or you’d rather pay less in the first place, you may want to consider a credit card with fewer rewards, but also lower fees. By choosing a card with little to no annual fee, you’ll retain more of your money from the start.

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