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Find great credit card deals

Find great credit card deals

Throughout the year, financial institutions offer different credit card promotions to attract new customers or encourage their existing customers to spend more money using their cards.

Credit card promotions can range from a discounted rate, higher or bonus rewards points, to introducing packages such as companion cards. You may also come across credit card promotions such as spending a certain amount of money on the card and receive an incentive such as a gift voucher. Many financial institutions offer credit card promotions around shopping seasons such as Christmas and the end of financial year sales season, so make sure you shop around for the best deals online before swiping your next purchase.

What credit card deals and promotions should I look out for?

  • New customer deals
  • Frequent flyer points
  • 0 annual fees
  • Interest free periods
  • Bonus reward points
  • Discounted experiences and entertainment
  • Balance transfer offers

Compare some of the best low rate credit cards from the list below, or visit our credit cards page for more information.

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