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RateCity's Australian credit card comparison

RateCity's Australian credit card comparison

Do you want to compare Australian credit cards? Then you’ve come to the right place because at RateCity you can search, compare and apply for a range of products from low-interest credit cards and low-fee cards, to balance transfer and rewards cards.

Whether this is your first credit card that you’re after or you’re looking to switch, it can be a good idea to compare Australian credit cards to ensure you find one to suit your needs.

When it comes time to compare Australian credit cards using the RateCity site, simply visit the credit cards page and use one or more of the search filters to help narrow your search results. For instance, you can choose to see only low-rate credit cards in your results, or if you’re after a balance transfer credit card then you can limit your search accordingly.

Then click the “Find a credit card” button to compare Australian credit cards from the RateCity database. Important information about the cards in the results will include the interest rate, annual fee and interest-free days. From here you can either select up to six products to compare side-by-side in greater detail, or go to the credit card provider’s site for further information or to apply for the product.

If you choose to compare Australian credit cards side-by-side as mentioned above, the sort of information you can expect to see can include: the card’s introductory rate, balance transfer rate (if applicable), card type, late payment fee information and minimum repayment information, among other things.

Using the site you can even compare Australian credit cards deemed appropriate for your spending habits. Do you consider yourself to be a “big spender”, “everyday spender”, “habitual spender” or an “occasional spender”? If so, this could you help you to determine a suitable credit card for your circumstances. For more information about spending profiles check out our credit cards guide, where you can also find information about card types, rewards, star ratings, features and tips to help you compare credit cards for your needs.

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