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Save money by understanding your credit card spending habits

Save money by understanding your credit card spending habits

What type of spender are you? Did you know that understanding your credit card spending habits could save you a substantial amount of money? Whether you are an impulse buyer, a big spender or a constant shopper, you can find a credit card that caters to your spending patterns.

Surprisingly, the best credit cards have few things in common. This is because every spender is different, which is why we’ve picked the best features you should look out for to match your spending patterns.

Impulse/Habitual spenders

Whether you hardly use your credit cards or are trying to pay off debts, a low rate credit card could be the best option for you. The best low rate cards have some of the lowest rates and fees in the market, with 0% on balance transfers to help you get rid of those debts faster. These cards don’t offer reward programs, but if you barely use it or are managing your debts, you won’t need any. Just be careful to control those occasional impulse buys or your credit card could quickly spiral out of control.

Big spenders

For those high flyers who love the feel of plastic in their hands and love to spend up big, a Platinum credit card could be just what you need. With the best reward programs, you’ll be redeeming your free holiday in no time. Just make sure you can manage the premium rates and fees. There’s no use having champagne taste on a beer budget.

Everyday Spenders

For this spender, it’s the convenience of having a credit card at the ready and the benefits of the earning reward points that inspire them to use their credit card daily. With the best Gold credit cards, you can enjoy great reward programs while keeping the costs down.

We’ll show you some of the best credit cards in Australia. Just pick the one that suits you.

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