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The Defence Bank True Blue Credit Card has a moderately low interest rate, which is standard across purchases and cash advances. It also has a moderate late payment fee as well as a moderately low annual fee.

This card does not have a rewards scheme, which means cardholders won’t earn rewards or frequent flyer points on eligible purchases.

This card offers a very low introductory balance transfer rate for six months. Once the introductory period ends, any remaining balance will revert back to the moderately low interest rate.

Much like other low-rate cards on the market, this card offers a moderate amount of interest-free days.

The Defence Bank True Blue Credit Card offers cardholders peace of mind with 24/7 fraud protection monitoring.

If you’re looking for a low-rate card that offers more features and rewards, you may wish to compare your options.

  • Moderately low interest rate
  • Moderate interest-free period
  • Moderately low annual fee
  • No rewards
  • Late payment fee charged
  • High overseas spending fees

Who is it good for?

The Defence Bank True Blue Credit Card may suit existing Defence Bank customers looking to consolidate all their banking products under one roof.

Cards with moderately low interest rates and low annual fees can appeal to those who use their credit card infrequently or aren’t in the habit of paying off their entire monthly balance (although paying the balance in full each month is usually a good idea).

Cardholders who use their card regularly and always pay their balance in full may benefit more from a card that offers rewards or frequent flyer points.

Frequent flyers and regular travellers don’t have much to gain from this card as no complimentary insurances are offered and a 3 per cent foreign currency conversion fee applies.

This low-cost card has no bells or whistles, and the moderately low annual rate might make it a good option to keep around for those just-in-case moments.

What RateCity says

The Defence Bank True Blue Credit Card offers customers a moderately low interest rate across purchases and cash advances. Having a standard interest rate can be helpful to cardholders on a strict budget as they always know where they stand.

Cardholders looking to consolidate and pay off debt have the option of a promotional low-rate balance transfer option for six months, after which time the rate reverts to the standard moderately low rate. It’s worth pointing out that while the ongoing rate is low, there are other cards on the market which offer a 0 per cent promotional balance transfer for a longer period.

While this card does have a moderately low interest rate and annual fee, there are other cards on the market which offer low rates, no annual fee and rewards.


To be eligible for Defence Bank True Blue Credit Card, you’ll need to be an Australian citizen or resident and be at least 18 years old. In addition to providing proof of ID, you’ll need to show proof of employment and income, and provide details of any other assets, liabilities or financial responsibilities. Existing Defence Bank customers can apply through their online banking. Applications can be made online through the Defence Bank website.

About Defence Bank

Defence Bank began trading in 1975 as Defence Force Credit Union before changing its name to Defence Bank in 2012. Over the years, the bank has grown to offer its members a wide range of financial products and services. Defence Bank is run by and for the benefit of its members, meaning profits go back into the bank and not to shareholders. Customers can contact the bank via the phone, online chat or in one of their 39 branches nationwide.

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