Why should I check my credit rating?

Nick Bendel

Nick Bendel

Aug 20, 2018( 1 min read )

There are two reasons you should check your credit rating: so you have a better understanding of your financial position, and so you can take action (if necessary) to improve your credit rating.

Lenders often use credit ratings or credit scores to assess loan applications. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get approved – and the more likely you are to be charged lower interest rates and lower fees. Conversely, the lower your credit score, the less likely you are to get approved – and the more likely you are to be charged higher interest rates and higher fees.

If you discover you have a substandard credit rating, there are nine steps you can take to improve it. Those steps include consolidating multiple debts, fixing errors on your credit file, making repayments on time, paying off loans and closing extra credit cards.

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Credit cards offering rewards can be great if you know you’ll use the card enough to get significant rewards points, and use the rewards you earn.

They can also come with high annual fees that may end up nullifying the rewards, so think how often you use the card to decide whether the benefits outweigh the extra cost for you. A card with a lower annual fee might require a lot of spending to get any useful rewards, while another card with a higher annual fee might need fewer purchases to get a reward.

Also, think about the types of benefits you’d like. There’s no point in getting a card with rewards for retailers you never visit, or travel you don’t have time to use.

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