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The Hunter United Visa Credit Card has a moderately low interest rate, a moderate amount of interest-free days, a moderately low annual fee and a credit limit of up to $30,000.

There is no rewards or frequent flyer program, but cardholders can access exclusive pre-sale tickets and offers through Visa Entertainment.

Buyers looking for peace of mind can rest easy with Visa's Zero Liability policy, which covers cardholders against fraudulent transactions.

Being a credit union, Hunter United is owned by its customers and not its shareholders. This means that profits go back into the bank and community initiatives like the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

This card does not have a balance transfer incentive and does not offer any complimentary insurance. However, it does offer an ongoing low interest rate.

The Hunter United Visa Credit Card is best suited to existing Hunter United Home Loan customers.

  • Moderately low interest rate
  • Moderate interest-free period
  • Visa Entertainment exclusive offers
  • Annual fee charged
  • Late payment fee charged
  • No rewards program


Who is it good for?

The Hunter United Visa Credit Card is best suited to existing Hunter United Home Loan customers who are looking to bring all their financial products under one roof. This card doesn’t offer any rewards or frequent flyer points, but it does offer an ongoing moderately low interest rate.

This low-cost card doesn’t offer any incentive to balance transfer, so customers looking to consolidate debt into a low-rate card should compare their options.

Being a credit union means that Hunter United reinvest profits back into the bank and local community, which can sometimes mean fewer fees and better rates. This card offers no frequent flyer or rewards program. For customers who spend regularly and are in the habit of paying their monthly balance in full, this may be something worth considering.

This card is not particularly suitable for overseas travel due to the charges on international spending.

What RateCity says

The Hunter United Visa Credit Card may be suited to existing Hunter United customers looking to consolidate their banking. Existing Hunter United customers may be able to access lower rates by bringing their banking under one roof.

This low-cost card offers no bells or whistles, but does offer an ongoing low interest rate and a moderately low annual fee. While the interest rate is below average, it’s not the lowest on the market, so if you’re looking to cut costs, you may be able to find a card with a lower rate and no annual fee.

While it’s not uncommon for low-rate cards to offer no rewards, if you’re looking to turn your everyday spending into points or rewards, there are some cards on the market with moderate rates that offer rewards.

If you’re looking to consolidate debt, this card offers no balance transfer option.


To be eligible for the Hunter United Visa Credit Card, you need to be at least 18 years old and be an Australian resident or citizen. In addition to providing proof of ID, you’ll need to show proof of income, employment and provide details of any other assets or financial responsibilities. Net minimum income requirements apply, including $15,000 per annum for retirees and $25,000 per annum for non-retirees. Applications can be made online or on the phone.

About Hunter United

First opening its doors in 1963, Hunter United has progressively grown into one of the Hunter Valley’s leading community-based financial institutions. With six branches across the region, Hunter United specialise in providing value for money financial services including credit cards, savings accounts, loans, investment accounts, and retirement and superannuation products. Customers can contact the bank via online message, email or phone support six days a week. Customers can report a lost or stolen card via a 24-hour hotline.

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