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Platinum Mastercard (Jetstar Dollars Program)



Electronic Wallet Service

Important Rates


Balance Transfer

Overseas spending



Earn Rates

RateCard TypeEarnsCondition
0.02 points for $1 spentMastercardUp to $2,500 monthlyeligible purchases
0.01 points for $1 spentMastercarduncappedeligible purchases
  • Free Domestic Travel Insurance
  • Free International Travel Insurance Cover lasts for 30 days per year
  • Purchase Protection Cover lasts for 365 days per year
  • Extended Warranty
  • Concierge


The Jetstar Platinum Mastercard gives you access to the Jetstar Dollars Program where you could redeem points for Jetstar travel vouchers to use on flights and holiday products.

This Mastercard has a moderately high ongoing annual fee, a moderate number of interest-free days and a moderately high interest rate.

New applicants are charged 0 per cent interest on balance transfers. Once the promotion period ends, the standard variable interest rate for purchases applies.

Benefits of being a cardholder include interest-free flights and accommodation, as well as on-board food and beverage discounts and no payment fee on Jetstar bookings.

You have the option of adding up to four additional cardholders to the primary account for an annual fee. Jetstar Points are capped per account, per annum.

Using the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard for purchases and payments could provide you with complimentary travel and purchase insurance.

  • High credit limit
  • Receive Jetstar flight vouchers
  • Fly interest-free
  • Points are capped
  • Fee for additional cardholders
  • Late payment fee charged

Who is it good for?

The Jetstar Platinum Mastercard would benefit a frequent flyer who enjoys traveling with Jetstar.

Using the Mastercard to book flights with the airline comes with a range of additional benefits.

Using the credit card for eligible transactions earns you Jetstar Dollars. These can be redeemed through the Jetstar Mastercard rewards program for travel vouchers.

If you book a Jetstar flight using your Jetstar Platinum Mastercard, you will automatically receive the interest-free offer.

And using your card for payment will waive the standard payment fee applicable for credit card purchases.

The Jetstar Platinum Mastercard provides you with complimentary overseas travel insurance when using the card to book trips.

If you don’t fly much, this credit card may not hold many benefits for you. And if you don’t travel overseas, some of the card’s features may not be redeemable.

What RateCity says

The Jetstar Platinum Mastercard is suitable for a frequent flyer wanting fringe benefits from their travels.

Jetstar Dollars are exclusive to the Jetstar Mastercard Rewards Program and non-transferrable. If you’re a member of a different airline program, this card may not suit your points goals.  

This is a moderately expensive credit card that comes with a range of complimentary insurances. Overseas travel insurance is valid for up to 30 days. 

You automatically receive extended warranty insurance for most purchases via your card.

It’s worth noting that points are capped per annum. Once you’ve reached the Jetstar Dollars threshold you cease to profit on your spending efforts.

Jetstar Dollars are only redeemable for travel vouchers. However, the vouchers do not expire as long as your account is active.

If you like flying with Jetstar, the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard lets you fly interest-free and get discounts for on-board food and drinks. 


To be eligible for the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard, you must be a permanent Australian resident and at least 18 years of age. You must earn a minimum annual income of $30,000 and have a good credit history. You can apply for this credit card online or over the phone and will need details of your income and expenses. Acceptable forms of identification include an Australian driver's license number (if you have one), passport or birth certificate.

About Jetstar

Jetstar Airways – known as Jetstar - launched its Australian low-fare operations in May 2004. Wholly owned by the Qantas Group, the airline operates from its main base at Melbourne Airport in Victoria. Jetstar-branded carriers operate more than 4,000 flights a week to more than 75 destinations. Jetstar Card Services is a division of Macquarie Bank Limited, which provides and administers credit and is the issuer of the Jetstar Platinum Mastercard.

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