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Low Rate Platinum (Balance Transfer & Cashback Offer)



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Balance Transfer

Overseas spending



  • Free Domestic Travel Insurance A qualifying purchase is required.
  • Free International Travel Insurance A qualifying purchase is required.
  • Free Supplementary Cards Supplementary cardholder must be over 16 years of age
  • Purchase Protection Cover lasts for 90 days per year
  • Price Guarantee If you purchase personal goods in Australia and then find the same product advertised later in a printed catalogue at a cheaper price within 21 days of purchase, from a store within 25km of the store where the item was purchased, you can claim back the difference if it is more than $75.
  • Extended Warranty
  • Concierge


NAB Low Rate Platinum credit card boasts a moderate standard interest rate on purchases, with an even lower rate for the first nine months. Consumers who choose this card can also enjoy a moderate number of interest-free days on purchases as well as a number of complimentary insurance products, including international travel insurance, domestic hotel burglary insurance and extended warranty insurance, among others.

With both a moderate annual fee and interest rate, this credit card is aimed at medium-income earners and spenders who want to experience the perks of a platinum credit card.

Like all NAB credit card holders, customers who choose the Low Rate Platinum credit card will also receive fraud protection, online security, an additional cardholder at no cost, 24/7 emergency assistance and contactless payments for purchases under $100. 

  • Seven complimentary insurances
  • Moderate interest rate
  • Pre-sale tickets with Visa Front Line Access
  • Annual fee
  • Interest rate rises after nine months
  • Balance transfer rates rise after six months

Who is it good for?

The main draw of the NAB Low Rate Platinum credit card is its very low interest rate offered in the first nine months. If you are seeking a low interest rate, this card could be a good option for you. However, if low interest appeals to you because you are in the habit of paying off the minimum balance on your credit card, keep an eye on your calendar. The NAB Low Rate Platinum credit card increases to a moderate interest rate after the first nine months.

This credit card’s benefits are also heavily steeped in the seven complimentary insurance products it offers to cardholders. Whether the NAB Low Rate Platinum credit card is right for you will also depend on whether you actually need many, or any, of these insurance products.

Frequent flyers could certainly benefit, with overseas travel, interstate flight inconvenience and domestic hotel burglary insurance all included. 

What RateCity says

The NAB Low Rate Platinum credit card is a product with relatively low barriers to eligibility, offering what appears on the surface to be a low fee, low rate platinum credit card – with perks included – suitable for everyday, moderate spenders.

But dig a little deeper, and the low rates and fees are not quite so low. This credit card’s extremely low interest rate increases to a moderate interest rate after just the first nine months. Cardholders will also have to pay a moderate annual fee for the privilege of having this credit card.

New cardholders can also enjoy a very low interest rate on balance transfers – but make sure you can pay this off within six months. After the first six months, your balance transfer interest rate will revert to the same high rate that applies to cash advances. 


The online application process should take approximately 15 minutes. When applying for this credit card, you may be asked to provide bank statements or payslips to prove your income, and must be at least 18 years old. This credit card is open to customers who both are and are not NAB customers. Keep in mind that this credit card has a moderate minimum credit limit, especially if you are concerned about being approved for a moderate amount of credit. 

About the lender

National Australia Bank, more commonly known as NAB, was established in 1982 and today serves over 12 million customers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Headquartered in Melbourne, NAB also has over 1,500 branches and service centres across Australia. NAB customers can contact this bank 24/7 for phone banking services, to report lost or stolen cards and for credit card and concierge services. They also offer email and in-branch assistance.

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