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Westpac customers finally have access to Apple Pay

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Westpac customers finally have access to Apple Pay

After four years of waiting, Westpac customers finally have access to Apple Pay.

Westpac is the last of the big four banks to allow its customers access to this form of payment support. ANZ was the first to allow Apple Pay back in 2016, followed by CommBank and NAB last year.

Customers with an eligible Mastercard debit or credit card, as well as Eftpos Handycard, will now be able to make payments using their iPhone thanks to Apple Pay.

Westpac has also gone a step ahead of some other banks by including built-in Eftpos functionality from the outset.

  • What is Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a mobile payment technology, as well as a digital wallet. Banking customers are able to use their Apple technology such as iPhones and Apple watches to make secure payments for goods and services. This is done by holding your device next to a vendor’s card reader, just like using a debit or credit card.

In December, Westpac subsidiaries, St George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA, were given access to Apple Pay in time for holiday spending.

The timing of today’s announcement couldn’t have come sooner for Westpac customers, with the COVID-19 crisis increasing the necessity for contactless payment options.

Westpac Apple Pay

Westpac switches on Apple Pay for customers 

David Lindberg, Westpac Group Chief Executive, Consumer, said: “We are pleased to announce that Westpac customers can now use Apple Pay to make fast and secure payments. This comes at an important time for our customers, who are looking for an alternative to cash.

“We have seen a significant increase in customers using digital banking in recent weeks as more Australians stay at home.
“With the introduction of Apple Pay, it will now be even easier for customers to pay for goods and services in stores, via apps or online without the need for a card or wallet.”

Bank accounts with Apple Pay


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