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St.George Qld/Vic/WA/Tas Credit Cards

St George’s history in Australia dates back to 1937 when the St George Co-operative Building Society Ltd. was formed in southern Sydney.

Following rapid expansion and mergers, in 1992 St George was granted a banking license and just two years later became the first bank to offer electronic banking to customers.

St George merged with Westpac in 2008, and although it has its own head office, branches and ATMs, St George is a division of the Westpac Banking Corporation Group.

St.George Qld/Vic/WA/Tas Credit Cards rates

About St George credit cards

St George offers a huge variety of credit cards that could suit almost any type of customer:

  • Low-fee credit cards
  • Low-rate credit cards
  • Rewards credit-cards
  • Frequent flyer credit cards
  • Gold VISA credit cards
  • Platinum VISA credit cards
  • Balance transfer credit cards

The fees and rates vary significantly between the types of cards St George offers. There are $0 or low annual fees on some cards, while others have high annual fees. Generally, the standard VISA credit cards have lower fees than the higher end Gold and Platinum cards that come with rewards and perks.

The interest rate on purchases also varies. The standard, no-frills St George credit cards tend to have moderately low interest rates, while the rewards and frequent flyer credit cards have moderately high interest rates.

Credit limits are generally high on St George credit cards, but will ultimately depend on a customer’s financial situation.

St George credit cards review

St George offers credit cards that could suit almost every type of customer, from a big spender looking to maximise rewards and perks, to a thrifty customer looking for low fees and interest rates on purchases.

Some of St George’s higher end credit cards offer gift cards and merchandise rewards as well as perks, including free travel insurance and concierge service. St George’s frequent flyer credit cards earn Qantas points on purchases. Some of these cards have uncapped points, and the ability to earn Qantas airport lounge passes.

Interest free days across St George’s credit cards are moderate. Some St George credit cards also come with free supplementary cards, while others charge a small fee. Late payment fees are moderately low across St George’s credit card range.

It pays to compare credit cards carefully as the purchase interest rates and fees vary significantly between St George credit cards.

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