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The Suncorp Bank Standard credit card is Suncorp’s low-rate card offering. This card has a moderately low annual fee and moderately low interest rates, but has no interest-free days. The card offers a moderately high credit limit depending on the applicant. This card does not have an associated rewards scheme.

While the card does not earn points or frequent flyer miles, card holders gain access to Visa Entertainment, which offers access to exclusive pre-sales. The card also comes with Visa payWave for faster purchases and 24/7 customer service.

The Suncorp Bank Standard credit card provides security and fraud protection for every card holder. Verified by Visa adds security and authorisation for online purchases, while FRAUDSHIELD detects fraudulent card activity. Card holders also have peace of mind with Visa Zero Liability, and lost cards can be replaced within 24 hours in Australia.

  • 0% balance transfer offer
  • Moderately low interest rates
  • Four free additional card holders
  • No interest-free period
  • Charges foreign transaction fees
  • Charges an annual fee


Who is it good for?

The Suncorp Bank Standard card is best for potential card holders looking for low rates and a balance transfer offer. The card has moderately low interest rates, making it attractive for those who struggle to pay their bill in full each month. However, the card does not offer any interest-free days.

The Suncorp Bank Standard delivers 12 months with 0 per cent interest on balance transfers, which may make this card a good fit for customers with existing credit card debt.

This card is not well suited to potential customers in search of credit card rewards. The card does not have an associated reward scheme and does not earn points or miles on purchases. Card holders who wish to earn rewards should consider a card with a points-earning program that can deliver frequent flyer, cash back or merchandise benefits.

What RateCity says

The Suncorp Bank Standard credit card may be beneficial for those with existing credit card debt, but offers few incentives for other customers. Even those with debt they wish to transfer may find that the card does not deliver sufficient benefits after the introductory deal has expired.

This card does not offer points or frequent flyer miles for purchases, which may deter rewards-seeking card holders. For potential customers who want rewards, it’s probably best to consider your rewards preferences and find a card that will suit your needs.

While the Suncorp Bank Standard card is a low-rate credit card, it still charges an annual fee and does not offer an interest-free period. Budget card holders may find it more sensible to find a credit card that charges no annual fee and offers at least a moderate number of interest-free days. 


To be eligible for the Suncorp Bank Standard credit card, you must be at least 18 years old and have a good credit rating. You also need to earn a minimum yearly income of $25,000 or more. While completing the secure online application, you’ll need to provide contact details, employment details, and financial information such as monthly expenses. Customers can save their application and complete it at a later date.

About Suncorp

Suncorp is an Australian financial services provider. Headquartered in Brisbane, Suncorp provides a range of banking products and financial services to individuals and businesses. Their offering includes bank accounts, loans, investments and superannuation. Customers can also find a range of insurance policies such as home and contents, car, motorcycle, life and health insurance. Suncorp Group is an ASX-listed company, one of Australia’s leading banks and one of Australia’s largest general insurers.


Yes, as credit card providers look at your annual income amount as well as your occupation. Minimum income requirements tend to be between $30,000 – $40,000 for standard and rewards credit cards, however low income credit cards can have minimum income requirements as low as $15,000 per year.

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