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UniBank Credit Cards

Since 1964, Unibank has exclusively served the financial needs of faculty staff, students, graduates and their families of Australia’s universities.

Unibank serves mostly as an online bank, with only seven offices to visit in Australia.

Unibank members are required to be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency to use its services.

In addition to credit card services, Unibank also offers customers bank accounts, savings accounts, home loans, personal loans, insurance and financial planning services.

UniBank Credit Cards rates

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About Unibank credit cards

Unibank only offers its members a standard Visa credit card, which is a no-frills credit card with no rewards program or perks.

Unibank credit card rates are very low for an introductory period for new customers. After this period, the card reverts to a moderately low interest rate for purchases and cash advances.

Unibank members with a credit card receive a moderate amount of interest-free days to pay off their credit card debt before interest begins to accrue.

There are no balance transfer fees on the Unibank credit card, and there is an introductory balance transfer rate. Supplementary cardholders are also allowed at no additional cost.

A Unibank Visa credit card limit is high, and there is no annual fee. There is also a low late payment fee and a duplicate statement fee.

Unibank credit cards review

Those who are looking for a standard card with moderately low interest rates could be satisfied with the Unibank Visa credit card. People who want a platinum card with perks and rewards will need to look for another card provider.

The Unibank Visa card could be suitable for those who want to take advantage of very low interest rates on purchases during an introductory period. Even after this period, this card’s interest rate is moderately low, so it may be a good option for customers wanting to reduce the risk of unnecessary debt.

People who are looking to consolidate their debt on a low-rate credit card might be drawn to this card’s balance transfer offer. However, even though there is a lowered introductory balance rate, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the lowest on the market.

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