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No Annual Fee Visa


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  • No Annual Fee


    Electronic Wallet Service

    Important Rates


    Balance Transfer

    Overseas spending



    • Free Supplementary Cards


    The BankSA No Annual Fee Visa is a credit card with no annual fee, high interest rates, a moderate number of interest-free days and a moderately low late payment fee. The card allows up to three additional card holders (age 16 or older) at no additional cost. This card does not have an associated reward scheme.

    The BankSA No Annual Fee Visa comes with several services that help you spend safely and securely. Verified by Visa makes internet purchases safer so you can have peace of mind while shopping online. BankSA also offers 24/7 fraud monitoring, which catches any unauthorised purchases made with your card.

    The card also has Visa payWave for contactless payments for transactions under $100. BankSA offers phone and internet banking, along with SMS and email alerts.

    • Three free additional cardholders
    • No annual fee
    • 24/7 fraud monitoring
    • High interest rates
    • No rewards scheme
    • No frequent flyer points


    Who is it good for?

    The BankSA No Annual Fee Visa is best suited to customers who want an everyday credit card with low fees. The card has no annual fee and a moderately low late payment fee. With its high interest rates, this card may also suit someone who needs a card to use occasionally and can pay their balance in full each month.

    This card is not a good fit for potential card holders who want an associated rewards scheme. The BankSA No Annual Fee Visa does not earn points or rewards for eligible purchases. For those who wish to earn frequent flyer miles or rewards points on purchases, a reward credit card may be more appropriate.

    This card is also not suited for overseas spending. The BankSA No Annual Fee Visa charges a foreign transaction fee on purchases made overseas or purchases made within Australia from international vendors.

    What RateCity says

    This card may be a sensible choice for existing BankSA customers who need an everyday credit card and want to keep their banking under one roof. The card charges no annual fee but does have high interest rates, so it’s best for BankSA customers who typically pay their bill in full every month or only use the card on occasion.

    The BankSA No Annual Fee card offers little to those who are not already BankSA customers. The card does not earn points for purchases and does not offer any frequent flyer benefits. While the card does not charge an annual fee nor a fee for up to three additional card holders, the benefits end there. Budget card holders can likely find a credit card with little or no annual fee with their current bank.


    You must be a minimum of 18 years old to be eligible for the BankSA No Annual Fee credit card. You must also be either an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. To apply, you’ll need to provide details of your income and employment, such as recent payslips or bank statements. You’ll also need proof of identity, like a passport or Australian driver’s licence. The application also requires information on any relevant financial commitments. 

    About BankSA

    BankSA is a regional Australian financial services company based in Adelaide. The bank offers banking and financial solutions for consumers, businesses and corporate clients. Their personal finance offering includes credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, personal loans, insurance and superannuation. Their business offering also provides business loans and payment solutions. BankSA was founded in 1848 as the Savings Bank of South Australia and is now a division of Westpac Banking Corporation.

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