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Store credit cards, or store-branded credit cards, are offered by a number of different retailers in partnership with credit providers in Australia. These cards allow you to earn rewards and discounts when you make purchases.

You can use most store-branded credit cards to make purchases anywhere in Australia and across the globe where the card’s relevant payments network - Visa, MasterCard or American Express - is accepted.

How do store credit cards work?

To apply for a store credit card, you’ll need to provide personal information, such as your name, address, and income. The retailer will then review your application with their partner institution to determine whether you qualify for the card. If approved, you will receive a credit limit, which is the maximum amount you can spend on the card.

All store-branded credit cards are issued and administered by a bank or financial institution. For example, the credit provider for Coles credit cards is National Australia Bank (NAB).

Store credit cards function similarly to other co-branded cards like frequent flyer credit cards. You can earn points through eligible purchases at affiliated retailers, both in-person and online. Similarly, rewards and discounts can be redeemed at the co-branded store. Some store credit cards also offer exclusive sales and discounts to cardholders.

Different credit cards offer different interest rates, fees, features and rewards. It’s worthwhile comparing a range of options to find the card that best suits your needs and budget.

Which retailers offer store credit cards?

You’ll find that a number of large retailers have their own co-branded credit cards. Deciding which card is right for you will depend on a number of circumstances. It might be sensible to create a budget, review your regular spending patterns and consider your financial obligations in order to determine which store-branded credit card is for you.


Until recently, Woolworths Australia, in conjunction with Macquarie Bank, offered store credit cards for customers. However, from June 2023 the partnership between these two companies will cease. Woolworths has already stopped accepting applications for new store credit cards and existing customers that choose to remain will switch to a Macquarie Platinum Credit Card that earns points through the Macquarie Rewards program.

For customers with a Woolworths Everyday Credit Card or a Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card, any credit card points remaining on these accounts will automatically be converted into a Woolworths eGift Shopping Card and sent to the email address on file for that credit card. If you have a Woolworths Qantas Platinum Credit Card, your Qantas Points rewards program will end, and you’ll begin earning Macquarie Rewards.

You must pay your outstanding balance and close your Woolworths card by 1 June 2023. If your account remains open after this date, it will be moved to a Macquarie credit card account. For more see Macquarie Bank’s website.


Coles offers three different store credit cards, issued by NAB. As an online-only credit card provider, Coles accepts digital applications and offers customer service through their online credit card service centre, via phone or by email.

Flybuys is a loyalty program that rewards shoppers for spending at stores including Coles, Kmart and Target. Coles Mastercard customers are automatically enrolled as flybuys members when they are approved for a credit card.

You can redeem flybuys points for a litany of rewards including shopping discounts, gift cards and travel. You can also link your flybuys points to a Velocity Frequent Flyer account and exchange your flybuys for Velocity Points.

Evaluating Coles credit card options

Coles credit card rates range from moderately low to moderately high depending on the type of card you choose. As you might expect, its low-rate card comes with a lower interest rate than its other credit cards. 

Similarly, Coles credit card fees range from low to moderate, based on the individual credit card.

When it comes to rewards, Coles credit card customers can earn flybuys points on eligible transactions, which can be redeemed for merchandise and cash back. Coles also offers introductory balance transfer offers on its credit cards, and its interest-free period is moderate.

Coles credit cards come with a moderately low minimum credit card limit and a high maximum limit.

Coles credit cards offer the biggest advantages to customers who shop regularly at Coles supermarkets and its flybuys partners. The rewards scheme is beneficial for earning points on all eligible transactions, which can be redeemed later for a discount at specific shops or for merchandise.

However, for people wanting a dedicated rewards credit card, Coles credit cards offer relatively limited rewards-earning potential, as points can only be redeemed through flybuys. While Coles credit card interest rates can be moderately low, they aren’t the lowest on the market - so they might not be the best choice for low-rate seekers.

David Jones

Until last year, the David Jones American Express and David Jones Platinum American Express credit cards allowed cardholders to earn points on their shopping experience at David Jones.

These cards also offered additional perks like free standard delivery for online shopping at David Jones, interest-free instalments on certain big-ticket items and complimentary gift wrapping.

However, the department store is ditching its long-term partner AMEX after penning a new 10-year deal with Latitude to acquire its credit card portfolio in January 2023. Under the agreement, Latitude will begin issuing two new credit cards to qualifying David Jones customers from September 2023. The new David Jones credit cards will offer customers additional benefits, while retaining most features of David Jones’ current cards.

You can learn more about the new David Jones Latitude credit cards by visiting Latitude’s website.


Myer is another retailer in the midst of reassessing and calling for tenders on its credit card business. The Myer credit card is currently issued by Macquarie Bank, however, applications have been paused since April 2020.

How do you earn and redeem credits?

You can earn MYER one points on eligible purchases at Myer stores, affiliated partners and other eligible retailers. You must join MYER one to earn points and redeem them for rewards and benefits.

  • Earn 3 MYER one credits for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at Myer or online at myer.com.au
  • Earn up to 3 MYER one credits for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at MYER one affiliate
  • Earn 1 MYER one shopping credit for every $1 spent on eligible purchases everywhere else

To earn the maximum number of credits at Myer and MYER one affiliates, you must provide your MYER one membership number (found on the back of your credit card) and pay with your Myer credit card.

For every 2,000 credits you've earned in each program quarter, your credits will be automatically converted into a $20 MYER one reward voucher. This voucher can be sent digitally through the MYER one app or by mail.


Kogan Money is a financial services company, established by popular shopping retailer Kogan, that offers a range of products, including the Kogan Money Black Card. Kogan Money credit cards are issued by NAB.

How do you earn and redeem points?

You’ll receive free membership to the Kogan First loyalty program, which includes the ability to earn and redeem Kogan Rewards, plus you'll receive free shipping on thousands of products, express shipping upgrades, as well as access to exclusive specials and deals at Kogan.com. 

You can ern 2 rewards points per dollar on your eligible purchases at Kogan.com and 1 rewards point per dollar spent on everyday purchases, almost everywhere else. Collect 1000 points to receive a $10 credit. You can redeem your points for eligible purchases at Kogan.com. Simply register your Kogan Money credit card for “Shop with Points” on your Kogan.com account and this option will be available at checkout.

You can also use your points to make Kogan Money credit card payments at kogan mobile and kogan internet. Login to your credit card account online or on the Kogan Money Credit Cards app, select the eligible credit card payment and follow the instructions to pay with your rewards points.

Points, earning potential, conversion rates and other figures are accurate as of 9 May 2023 and are subject to change.

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