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Updated on 25 Jun, 2024


2024 RateCity Car Loan Gold Awards Winners

Finding Australia's best Car Loans has just been made easier. Select a category below and discover the Car Loans that have received a coveted RateCity Gold Award.

Green Car Loan

Real Time Rating™

4.95 / 5

Product Info

New Green Car Loan Fixed

Real Time Rating™

4.94 / 5

Product Info

Awards are as at 01/11/2023. There may be some providers or products that have since rebranded to a different name. If you select "Product info", you will be directed to the corresponding product page. If the product has since been removed, you will be directed to the provider page.

For further insight into the Car Loans Gold Awards, please refer the Awards Methodology.

View Methodology for Car Loans 2024 Gold Awards

What it means to win a RateCity Gold Award

The cornerstone of the RateCity Gold Awards judging process is our RateCity uses its market-leading system, Real Time Ratings™. We use this data-driven system to compare financial products against a set list of data points. 

Over 4000 financial products across dozens of lenders and providers are analysed by Real Time Ratings™. Each product is given a score out of five based on factors such as rate, fees, features, and flexibility. These scores are updated daily. The products that have a consistently high score are the recipients of a RateCity Gold Award - an accolade that highlights consistent value for consumers.

How Real Time Ratings™ work

How RateCity Leaderboards work

Our leaderboards allow you to quickly find and compare the top financial products in each of our key categories.

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2024 Gold Awards Categories

RateCity’s Gold Awards recognise the best financial products across six categories as determined by our Real Time Ratings ™ system. Discover the best in Home Loans, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Savings Accounts, Term Deposits and Bank Accounts.