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Green car loans

Green car loans

If you are concerned about the environment, you can now be rewarded when shopping for a car with the introduction of green car loans. There are several features to consider when shopping for a car, which can impact your environmental footprint. These include:

  • How often you drive
  • How much power the car uses
  • Off-road capacity

The basic principal for a more environmentally friendly car is fuel efficiency, and you can find out the green performance of a car by visiting www.greenvehicleguide.gov.au, where you will find cars ranked with a Greenhouse Rating. Green car loans are based on the rating and you can compare them to find a great deal at RateCity.

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In addition to comparing green car loans you can also read RateCity’s Car Loan Guide which will give you lots of handy hints and helps you better understand the car loan market.

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