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Online car loan quotes

Online car loan quotes

If you’re in the market for an online quote on a car loan then you’ve come to the right place, because at RateCity we’ve compiled some of the best loans from a range of providers to compare side by side.

To compare car loans you can easily get an online quote using the RateCity comparison tool. All you have to do is select the amount you want to borrow and the length of the loan you require. You can narrow your search further to get a more targeted online quote. So if you want to search for secured car loans only or just fixed-rate options, then that’s as simple as checking a box.   

Finding a car loan

Once you’ve selected your search options, click the ‘find a loan’ button to start comparing car loans. You’ll be given a list of provider’s top car loans based on your search criteria, which are automatically ranked by the lowest advertised interest rate and application fee. You’ll also see an online quote for the monthly repayment required, which will help you to determine the product that is most affordable for your situation.

For a more detailed quote click the ‘go to site’ button to visit the provider’s product page on their website, where you can sign up to the loan online. Or select up to six car loans listed on RateCity to compare side by side for a more comprehensive analysis.

Which features make a good car loan?

We recommend comparing at least three car loan quotes before applying to borrow and suggest comparing more than simply the interest rate, fees and monthly repayments. Look to the comparison rate – which helps you identify the actual cost of a loan as it takes loan set-up costs and any ongoing fees into account. Also, look at the rate type – is it a fixed or variable rate car loan? All of these details, as well as features including a redraw facility or extra payments allowed, will help you to decide on a product that is best for your circumstances.

If you want more information about online quotes or anything to do with finding great car loans then checkout RateCity’s Car Loan Guide. It’s packed with useful tips and advice to help you finance your new set of wheels.

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