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The current top-selling car brands

The current top-selling car brands

Despite car affordability being at its best in 38-years, there was a massive car sales decline again in August – the eighth month in a row to see car sales dwindling at a scary pace.

Last month, Australians purchased 88,157 new cars, which is down 5.5 percent compared with the same month in 2013.

With a large chunk of consumers putting a halt on car loans and shopping for new cars – the major car brands are feeling the pinch. We take a look at which car brands performed the best, from the worst, during this period of disruption and turndowns.

Who’s performing?

Toyota recorded 15,638 car sales in the month of August – taking out the top-sales spot. This is despite a decline of 11.9 percent compared with August last year.

2nd placed Holden (8365 – down 18.5 percent), fourth place Mazda (7529 – down 23.4 percent), Sixth place Mitsubishi (5233 – down 7.0 percent), eighth place Volkswagen (4066 – down 9.9 percent) and tenth place Honda (2759 – down 16.5 percent), all reported losses.

While third place Hyundai (8601 – up 10.2 percent), fifth place Ford (6908 – up 11 percent), seventh place Nissan (5124 – up 7.9 per cent) and ninth placed Subaru (2901 – up 0.7 percent), reported rises.

Top 10 August 2014 Australian new car sales

  1. Toyota – 15,638
  2. Holden – 8365
  3. Hyundai – 8601
  4. Mazda – 7529
  5. Ford – 6908
  6. Mitsubishi – 5233
  7. Nissan – 5124
  8. Volkswagen – 4066
  9. Subaru – 2901
  10. Honda – 2759

While sale results are certainly indicative of a car brands popularity, when choosing your new car – compare a range of brands, look at the features available, assess the service costs and remember, always compare car loans online to make sure you’re getting a great finance deal.

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