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User Reviews

I was new to the process and Lezli led me the whole way. Highly recommendable.
Daniel 2019-09-05 20:23:08
Lezli was quick to assess our situation and provided more than 1 option to start with, our application got approved within no time, throughout the process Lezli kept us informed and helped us filling gaps in document and information provided. We would definitely recommend her to other people who are looking for a loan at good rates.
Rajender Negi 2019-07-30 05:13:14
There are heaps more competitive rates out there than what were offered.
Kawaldeep Singh2019-06-06 08:21:51
Thank you so much for your awesome work on helping us out when everyone else couldn't. We really appreciate your work. We're certainly relieved to be paying one debt other than several and definitely learned our lesson from all this. Once again, thank you!
Rajendra Nair2018-07-05 04:34:01
Finally we got our loan approved. Thank you Lezli for your great effort.
Hesha Premarathna2018-07-03 09:02:43
Lezli was great but my circumstances were very difficult and I found it hard to get approval from a number of Lenders.
Robert Kennedy2018-06-20 01:06:28
Excellent to deal with. Due to our past credit history, our mortgage application was probably up there on the difficulty scale. From the first phone call, Lezli was professionalism personified, she was quick to answer any questions and address any issues we had. Throughout the application process Lezli kept us well informed and up to date with everything and overall made the whole process a breeze. We would highly recommend this lady for anyone looking to secure a mortgage. Thanks a million Lezli... you're a star
Martin Whelan2018-01-24 05:34:39
Lezli worked really hard to achieve better rates for me and kept me sane through the entire process. It wasn't a standard refinance it was also a transfer of title and Lezli made it as easy as possible for me. I thank her for her guidance and really appreciated her being contactable throughout the whole process so I knew exactly what was happening and when. I've had experiences where previous mortgage brokers were so hard to make contact with and it was really frustrating for me. So thank you lezli for being amazing!
Deborah Cecil2017-12-27 10:12:26
She has been very helpful in finding a lender to lend us more then 90% on single income and buying a property which was outside our borrowing capacity. We went and purchase a mortgagee property at auction which had no subject to finance and only 30days settlement, with risk of losing the deposit we paid when signing the contract. Lezli was wonderful and she made it workout for us. We have finally moved into our own house. Thank you Lezli.
Dylona Charan2017-12-05 04:51:38
Really appreciate your help Lezli .I was looking for a loan since 2012. Due to my credit issue I had no hope for a home loan. Only Lezli helped me to get a loan and she did it. I would really recommend her as a very helpful broker. Thanks again Lezli , to help us to make our dream come true.
Hesha Premarath2017-10-20 09:22:23
After not getting all we wanted to achieve from NAB we looked into exploring our options and came along Lezli after posting a question on hashching , Lezli was the only one who read the question correctly and gave the most relevant advice. We then communicated through email and phone and resulted in a great deal for our situation. Lezli was always in communication and happy to answer any queries we had especially after hours. She worked tirelessly to get what was best for us and helped us through the whole process. As a real estate agent I have dealings with a lot of brokers and Lezli's customer service is second to none. Thanks Lezli
Rodney Val2017-08-29 00:00:01

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