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Top 5 summer home renovations

Top 5 summer home renovations

So, you’ve had a look into your savings account and decided you have enough to do something around the house. Or maybe you’re considering a new home loan to finance some major home improvements. Whatever the case may be, with the funds sorted, it’s time to choose a summer project.

1) A swimming pool

When the summer heats up, there’s only one thing on your mind — ways to keep cool. If you’re home improvement budget isn’t too tight, a swimming pool might be on the cards.

If you’re after a custom design, go for a concrete pool, as it can be shaped just about any way you like. If you’re all about low maintenance, fibreglass pools are naturally algae-resistant. And for those looking to swim on a budget, a liner pool or above-ground pool could provide the solution.

2) Hardscaping, not landscaping

Landscaping is best left for winter and spring, when new plants and lawns won’t be decimated by the heat of the Aussie summer. However, you can still improve your outdoor area with hardscaping.

What is hardscaping exactly? It’s the major works that shape your outdoor areas, like retaining walls, patios and concrete paths. The warm, dry weather is perfect for these kind of jobs — and many you can do on your own. Hardscaping is also a great way to divide up large gardens into nice, usable areas.

3) Lighting features, indoor and out

Summer times mean long days and temperate evenings under the night sky, so why not enhance your experience by adding some cool light fittings to your home?

Rope lighting can be used to great effect, turning copings or pathways into illuminated features. It can also be used indoors — install under your kitchen cabinetry or in recessed ceilings for a cove lighting effect. The relatively low cost of these also means your credit card won’t take too much of a hit.

Spotlights are also great, especially if you use them to illuminate the features in your garden, such as trees, flower beds or artwork. A really good way to set up these kinds of outdoor lights is to set them on a timer, or have an electrician wire them to a switch in the house — that way you don’t have to walk out in the dark to switch them on.

4) Building a deck

Building a deck is one of the classic summertime projects you can undertake. But why stop there? Why not get a little creative with your new deck?

A great way to enhance your outdoor area is to install fixed benches around the perimeter of the deck. Use the same material as your deck and when they are not being sat on, they’ll blend in and look like low balustrades. Simply add cushions for ample outdoor seating when you throw a party!

5) Home insulation

Home insulation in summer? Yes! Insulation keeps you warm in the winter, but it also helps keep your home cool in the summer. So, if you’re finding your home a bit too hot to handle, insulating could be the key!

Remember that if you’re in an older home and have to remove your wall lining to insulate, that you may as well take the opportunity to update any plumbing or wiring that may need it. It’s also a good time to install any extra power outlets you may need, or move light switches to more practical places.

Insulating doesn’t just stop at the walls either. Properly insulating your ceiling and floors will save you a lot on your power bill in the long run. Savings on your power bill could be another incentive to refinance your home loan and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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