Popular Home Loans

By scanning our list of popular home loans, you may be able to find a loan that ticks the right boxes for borrowers just like you. RateCity has compiled some of the most popular home loans on the market onto one page to make searching for the right loan easy. Popular loans include those with low interest rates, low fees and multiple features.


Variable Rate Home Loans Home Loan Deals Investors Mortgages
Low Interest Home Loans Best Home Loan Rates Refinancing Home Loans
No Deposit Home Loans No Doc Home Loans Investment Loan Rates
Interest Only Home Loans Lowest Home Loan Rates Owner Occupied Loans
Low Doc Home Loans Compare Home Loan Rates First Home Loans
Low Interest Home Loans Home Equity Construction Loans 
Best Mortgages SMSF Loans Owner Builder Loans
Compare Home Loans Banks Variable Rates Home Loan Offers
Mortgage Rates Cheap Home Loans Split Loans
Bank Mortgage Rates First Mortgages Low Deposit Home Loans


Fixed Rate Home Loans

Fixed mortgages are home loans with a set rate of repayments for a period of time, usually between one and five years. Fixed mortgages are popular in the Australian market because they give borrowers a sense of security – your repayments will remain static, even if the official RBA cash rate changes.

Fixed Rate Home Loans 1 Year Fixed Home Loans 3 Year Fixed Home Loans
5 Year Fixed Home Loans 1 Year Fixed Investor Loans 3 Year Fixed Investor Loans


Home Loans By Region/City

Want to find out which loans are popular in your region/city? A RateCity search can help. By narrowing down popular loans in your region, you may be able to find a lender that tailors its customer service and branch access to your area.

Home Loans in Australia Home Loans in Sydney Home Loans in Melbourne
Home Loans in Perth Home Loans in Darwin Home Loans in Hobart
Home Loans in Brisbane Home Loans in Adelaide


Home Loans By State

One of the best ways to quickly narrow down what can be an overwhelming number of home loan options is to search by state. Depending on the state you live in, you can find which lenders are available in your state and which lenders are popular with borrowers like you.

Home Loans in NSW Home Loans in VIC Home Loans in WA
Home Loans in WA Home Loans in NT Home Loans in TAS
Home Loans in QLD Home Loans in SA Home Loans in ACT


Home Loans By Loan Term

The length of your loan term could impact a number of factors, including the lender and product you choose. Searching home loans by loan term may help you to narrow down the field and find the best loans available for 10, 20, 30 and even 40-year loan terms.

40 Year Mortgages 35 Year Mortgages
30 Year Mortgages 25 Year Mortgages


Home Loans By LVR

The size of your deposit is another key determinant of which loans you’re eligible for and which loans are suitable for you. Therefore, searching for loans by LVR – or loan to value ratio – is a handy way to find home loans that fit your specifications. Searching by LVR should also give you an accurate representation of the interest rates on offer for high LVR and low LVR loans.

70% LVR Home Loans 75% LVR Home Loans 80% LVR Home Loans
85% LVR Home Loans 90% LVR Home Loans 95% LVR Home Loans
100% LVR Home Loans


Mortgages by Loan 

A good way to find the right home loan for you is by searching for mortgages by loan amount. Simply plug in the amount you wish to borrow and RateCity will generate a list of loans available for that borrowing amount.

250K mortgages 300K mortgages 350K mortgages
400K mortgages 450K mortgages 500K mortgages
550K mortgages 600K mortgages 650K mortgages
700K mortgages 750K mortgages 800K mortgages
850K mortgages 900K mortgages 950K mortgages
repayments on 250000 mortgage repayments on 300000 mortgage repayments on 350000 mortgage
repayments on 400000 mortgage repayments on 450000 mortgage repayments on 500000 mortgage
repayments on 550000 mortgage repayments on 600000 mortgage repayments on 650000 mortgage
repayments on 700000 mortgage repayments on 750000 mortgage repayments on 800000 mortgage
repayments on 850000 mortgage repayments on 900000 mortgage repayments on 950000 mortgage