Bankwest, ME and UBank to cut interest rates

Liz Seatter

Liz Seatter

May 15, 2019( 3 min read )

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Australia’s tenth largest bank ME bank has today cut its variable and fixed interest rates by up to 0.26 per cent, on the same day as competitor UBank also announced fixed rate cuts of up to 0.30 per cent effective Friday, 17 May.

Both lenders have cut rates across their owner-occupier and investor home loans (see tables below). research director Sally Tindall said it’s good to see competition in the home loan market heating up.

“The big four banks have all cut their fixed rates in recent weeks forcing smaller lenders like ME and UBank to follow suit to stay in the game,” she said.

“We’re likely to see more lenders drop their fixed rates in coming weeks, particularly as speculation of an RBA rate cut mounts.”

Today Greater Bank went against the trend and raised all its variable rates by 0.10 per cent. The lowest variable rate now offered by Greater Bank is now 3.82 per cent for new customers only.

ME bank rate changes

Owner-occupier (P&I)




New rate



Variable ($400-$700K)



3-year fixed  ≤80% LVR



Investor (P&I)



New rate


Variable ($400-$700K) ≤80% LVR



2-year fixed  ≤80% LVR



UBank rate changes

Owner-occupier (P&I) Cut New rate
3-year fixed -0.15% 3.59%
5-year fixed -0.15% 3.94%
Investor (P&I) Investor (interest only)
Cut New rate Cut New rate
1-year fixed 3.99%* -0.05 4.14%
3-year fixed 3.99%* -0.05% 4.14%
5-year fixed -0.25% 4.24% -0.30% 4.39%

Bankwest also cuts rates

Bankwest has announced cuts to its fixed rates, effective on Friday 17 May.

The most notable change from Bankwest is a 0.50 per cent cut to its 3-year owner-occupier fixed home loan. At 3.48 per cent, this will make it the lowest 3-year fixed rate on the market. research director Sally Tindall said, “Fixed rate cuts are coming thick and fast, as lenders scramble to remain competitive.”

Bankwest Product

Old rate

New rate


Complete fixed home loan, 3 years, owner occupier




Complete fixed home loan, 3 years, investor




Note: Rates are for customers paying principal and interest. Rates effective 17.05.2019

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