Landlords laughing in Melbourne, crying in Perth

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Weekly rents have increased in six of Australia’s eight capital cities over the past year – in some cases, by double-digit amounts.

SQM Research has reported increases in every capital except for Perth and Darwin during the 12 months to 8 August 2017.

The average weekly rental rate for houses jumped by more than 10 per cent in Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart and Sydney (see table below).

Average weekly rent – houses

Region Weekly rent Monthly change Annual change
Sydney $1,327.00 -0.7% 12.2%
Melbourne $928.40 -0.4% 21.3%
Brisbane $608.40 0.4% 3.1%
Perth $661.80 -0.1% -3.9%
Adelaide $507.00 -0.2% 3.7%
Hobart $459.50 -1.3% 13.6%
Canberra $736.40 2.2% 15.5%
Darwin $607.30 0.1% -3.1%
All capitals $934.40 0.2% 11.8%
Australia $551.90 0.1% 10.1%

Unit rents growing more slowly

While house rents across Australia grew by 10.1 per cent, unit rents climbed by only 4.8 per cent.

Melbourne and Hobart were the only capitals to post double-digit increases (see table below).

In contrast, the troubled markets of Perth and Darwin posted sharp falls in rental rates.

Average weekly rent – units

Region Weekly rent Monthly change Annual change
Sydney $700.00 0.4% 5.3%
Melbourne $505.20 0.5% 10.8%
Brisbane $383.20 0.3% 2.2%
Perth $398.30 -1.4% -8.0%
Adelaide $298.50 0.0% 2.7%
Hobart $314.80 3.3% 11.4%
Canberra $383.20 -0.2% 4.1%
Darwin $418.60 -0.3% -9.1%
All capitals $559.10 0.5% 5.5%
Australia $362.90 0.4% 4.8%

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