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Lender cuts investment rate to 3.99%

Lender cuts investment rate to 3.99%

UBank has made a reduction of 0.10 percentage points to its discounted variable rate for investors paying principal and interest.

The UBank Investor Rate is now priced at 3.99 per cent for both the advertised rate and comparison rate – down from 4.09 per cent.

This is significantly lower than the average interest rate (4.79 per cent) for all the P&I investment loan products on RateCity.

The discounted variable rate from UBank includes a discount of 0.67 percentage points. Borrowers who want to qualify for the discount need to meet these conditions.

UBank’s other home loans for investors paying principal and interest include:

ProductAdvertised rateComparison rate
Standard variable rate4.66%4.59%
1-year fixed rate3.99%4.62%
3-year fixed rate4.14%4.47%
5-year fixed rate4.49%4.56%

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