Compare 3 year fixed rate investment property mortgages

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Compare 3 year fixed rate investment property mortgages


3 year fixed rate investment property loans are an appealing home loan option for Australians looking to purchase a property for investment purposes. At RateCity you can flex your research muscles and search and compare an extensive range of incredible fixed rate home loans.

Fixed rate investment property loans allow the borrower to lock in their interest rate for a period of three years – after which – the home loan will revert back to the standard variable rate.

  • Stability: Locking in your interest rate allows you to maintain the agreed rate for that time period – irrelevant of cash fluctuations. So if you find a great low rate you can lock it in without fear of a rate rise.
  • Budget: Fixing your interest rate for a three year period means that your repayments are locked in also. This will allow you to budget more efficiently as you know your repayments will be consistent and not change when interest rates rise or fall.

Before signing up for a 3 year fixed rate investment property loan you should consider that fixed rates do tend to be higher than variable rates and if you do lock in your interest rate you will not benefit from any future rate cuts within the three year period.

There are many options and features to consider when choosing a home loan for your investment. Fixed interest rate loan lengths vary, so you can choose to fix your loan for as little as one year and for as long as ten.

If you feel a 3 year fixed home loan is the right investment for you, start comparing some of Australia’s best 3 year fixed rate investment loans below.

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